Rise Of the Guardians


This film, Rise of the guardians is about a boy called Jack Frost and his fellow mates and it all starts with a boy. This boys name was Jack Frost. He was walking across the ice with his sister when suddenly he falls in a crack of ice made by the warmth. He realises that he has been frozen for a century and when he wakes up he can see the world. Then he touches the wall and it makes a pattern with ice on it. Then he realises the power that he and his magical stick has.

A boy walks past him and goes through him and doesn’t realise that jack frost was there suddenly he knows that he is like a ghost but also invisible.Suddenly a boys mum tells the boy there is no such ting as Jack Frost.

At knight a tooth fairy comes and exchanges the tooth with some money. At her side is a magical creature made out of sand. He started to give these golden sand things which were dreams. They were on the lookout for a dream killer who was trying to persuade Jack Frost to joining him by saying together they could rule the world, together they could be the best.

Santa,bunny rabbit, tooth fairy and sandman were trying to prevent this horrible incident from happening. In ¬†this sad and unexpected film sand man gets hurt badly bu a dark spear thrown by the dream killer. Will sandman survive…will they succeed this daring mission….To find out watch the film on DVD or on blue ray

My comments:

Good: They have fairy tale creatures which inspire little kids to BELIEVE!

Bad:   Sandman dies in the film

Official movie trailer:

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