How To Train Your Dragon 2

Rating: When Hiccup and Toothless discover an ice cave that is home to a thousands, maybe millions of dragons some tame others wild dragons.When Hiccup and toothless get kidnapped by his own mother. Hiccup is amazed at fist because he did not know that his mother lived plus she also tried to protect dragons.An evil man hypnotized toothless and the […]

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Rio 2

Rating: Blu and Jewel are enjoying there life in Rio with there new kids Carla(music loving bird),Tiago,( football lover and a cheeky bird)And last but not least Bia,(A keen bird and always wanting what her mother Jewel wants). A lovely family going on a adventurous trip plus a dangerous task… For more information go to the official movie site/Rio 2 […]

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Rating: Epic is about these tiny leaf men that have a battle with these mouse size people who ride on crows. There is a girl called Mary Katherine who is on a quest to save the leaf queen! for more information go to the official movie site. Fact: ¬†Epic is based on a book called The Tiny Leaf Men My […]

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