Dark Shadows


Dark shadows is about a vampire,Barnabas Collins. Barnabas Collins is cursed to be a vampire by a immortal witch. The witch was jealous of  Barnabas Collins because he loved someone else. The witch locked him up in a coffin where he could never escape. But was she right, NO. One day there were some builders building and they found the coffin. One man said to open it up and they did that. The second later they were lying dead on the floor. When the witch found that out she was furious. The witch was a really rich lady in the town and no one new her secret.

After a while the Vampire came back to his ancestors and let them stay at his house. He said it was his duty to keep them safe. And did he do that, Yes he did. Also when he was fighting the witch he found out the teenager was a werewolf. He found out that out when he was fighting the witch and she joined in as a dangerous werewolf.

Will the witch get destroyed?????

To find out watch the movie on Amazon prime instant!!!

My comments:

Good: They have lots of scary parts which gives you the creeps

Bad:   They have violent parts in it but i suppose it is a 12a movie

Official movie trailer:

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