Lion King

Warning parents may contain violence!! It all starts with a cub who is cute.One day he is trapped by a tramped witch is caused by scar, an evil lion who is Simbas uncle. When that happens the little cub Simba gets rescued by his father mufasser but sadly mufasser dies. This is when he leaves he meets these creatures called […]

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Kung Fu Panda

Rating: Po is living a normal life in China selling noodles in their own little shop.Until the day of the furious 5 ceremony where Master Shifu will pick the dragon warrior. Now the adventure begins.Po is late for  the ceremony, so he goes on a flying chair and lands.When he opens his eyes he sees a turtle pointing at him.Suddenly he […]

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How To Train Your Dragon 2

Rating: When Hiccup and Toothless discover an ice cave that is home to a thousands, maybe millions of dragons some tame others wild dragons.When Hiccup and toothless get kidnapped by his own mother. Hiccup is amazed at fist because he did not know that his mother lived plus she also tried to protect dragons.An evil man hypnotized toothless and the […]

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